The course contains 14 short videos that enhance the teaching of the course at the start and during each session. They can be viewed without charge on an individual basis or by purchasing a licence in order to broadcast to a small group or whole church.


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The BYC workbook is designed to stimulate and encourage participants to think through their involvement in evangelism. One work book is needed per participant.

The workbook contains six dynamic and powerful sessions that will transform the way you both view and approach evangelism. 



The BYC Leader's Guide contains  a practical walk through guide for each of the six sessions


One Leaders' Guide is needed per course leader. This allows each leader to put their stories and testimonies onto the course content.

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We suggest that the course is run for 6 weeks allowing for feedback each week. We would advise that the course is run in one of two ways.


Firstly, what we call "Central Teaching - Small Group Seated" where all the participants meet together in a central location, sit in their groups and are are taught by a team of dedicated evangelists and teachers from your church.


Secondly in small groups throughout the whole church. Either way enjoy the course and have fun with it.


If you choice another way let us know how you get on!