Book an Impact Day for your church

These days are designed to give your church and leadership team a fun filled morning of equipping and evangelistic challenge.  As they learn who they are in Christ and how that impacts the way they share their faith, they develop a freedom to share their faith their way!

Running from 9.30 am until about 1.00 pm we look at the following topics.


  • Blowing Your Cover : The HeartBeat

  • What's the Gospel and whose is it anyway?

  • You are Unique - Saint or Sinner?

  • Who are you in Christ and how does that impact the way you share your faith?

  • BYC Taster session

  • Shared Experiences - so how do we share our faith

  • Let's take the guilt out of evangelism

The morning costs £200 plus travel/accomodation if needed

Interested in running a day ?

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