Blowing Your Cover has always sought

creative ways of presenting their course videos. 

There are two options for watching the media:

Option 1 – To a group of people*.


Should you want to play the videos to a group of people then you will need to sign up to the website for a  1 Year Free Broadcast Licence.  Sign up to become a member of the website via Member's Area.

To play these videos you will need access to broadband in the venue or have downloaded them prior to each session.

Course Promo

Option 2 – As an individual*.


Each workbook and leaders guide has QR codes in each session of the course, which when scanned will play the media on that device. This allows individuals to re-watch any session video in their own time, with no charge from Blowing Your Cover.


Read the QR Code Advice opposite.

Try it now, scan the code opposite to play the promotional video.

*Please note depending on your mobile device/WIFI contract data charges may apply. Blowing Your Cover is not liable for any data charges you may incur. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Video are in HD720p & not suitable for 4K devices