Book into a Vision and Training Day

These days are designed to give you and your leadership team the skills and heart to run the course. Booking onto the day of teaching and encouragement will help you to partner with our vision.  After all somethings are caught not just taught!


Running from 9.30 am until about 1.00 pm we look at the following topics.


  • Blowing Your Cover - The HeartBeat

  • Two taster sessions - There is nothing like seeing how the course should be taught to enable trainers to learn to catch the vision and teach it.

  • Learn the seven keys to effective deployment.

  • Small Group Impact -  Review your small group structure and learn how Blowing  Your Cover could enhance them.

  • The Golden Nuggets of the course.

  • The Role of a Blowing Your Cover Trainer - discover your role within the course.

  • Time for those all important questions to be addressed.

Costing for the event are shown below:

Single Delegate fee:​

A single delegate can be booked in for £20 each. This includes a delegate pack and a £7 workbook.

Delegate fee PLUS

A delegate PLUS can be booked in for £35 each. This includes a delegate pack, a £7 workbook and a £20 Leader's guide.

Interested in hosting a day ?